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If Pandas Ran the U.S. Banking System We Wouldn’T be in the Mess We’Re in Today

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Written by Paul Strauss | September 3, 2009

New from Japan – home of things too cute and strange to ever make it to American soil, comes TakaraTomy’s latest dose of sugary electronic goodness, the Panda Bank.


I’m not sure what these panda bears are doing with all of my Yen coins, but they appear to be quite happy, and they like to do all sorts of fun tricks on the LCD screen when fed money.


It seems to have something to do with pandas eating pie, and that’s way better than watching a bunch of greedy old white guys in suits flush our money down the drain.


As usual, I’ll bet you that you’ll never see the Panda Bank anywhere but in Japan. But if they ever were to sell these in the States, they should be a mandatory part of Obama’s next major economic stimulus plan.