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Craymachine Lets You Type Beats

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 7, 2009

The craymachine is a bitchin’ way to kill time. If the iPhone had a keyboard this would’ve been a cool app. So what is it? It’s a flash-based synthesizer; a sound is mapped to each letter on your keyboard, ranging from the normal but essential bass drum of b to the intergalactic croak of w. The Presurfer likes to think of it as a way of finding out how the letters in your name sound like. Based on the craymachine the coolest name would be cabsdert. Or anything that uses those letters.


Every letter also has a corresponding doodle, so as you combo the beats you create shapes like the ones above. For some reason though the craymachine will only accept lowercase letters. I’m not making sense am I? Just go to the site and type type type.

Auto-tune not included.