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Hey! You Got Your Hard Drive in My Game Boy!

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 9, 2009

Man, the classic, brick-sized Nintendo Game Boy sure gets a lot of love in the modding/hacking community. Like that retro-tacular iPhone case we showed you a few days ago. Or this Game Boy that someone managed to shove a 80GB SATA hard drive into.


A user from the MaxConsole forums, going by the handle _n3o_ (get it?), explains how he recycled an old, broken Game Boy by gutting it, popping in 2.5’’ drive, switching the Game Boy’s link cable with a USB port, and replacing the battery indicator with the hard drive’s LED. And to top things off, _n3o_ even removed the reflective film from behind the screen and in its place put a gamey-looking graphic printed on paper.


I think I have my next project.


It may clash with the sleek aesthetic of my MacBook, but I do need an external hard drive, so why not make one that caters to nostalgia? Of course, my modding skills are kind of… nonexistent. But how hard could it be? For my screen graphic, I think I’ll go with something like Hard Drive II: Return of Storage. Get it?

[via Kotaku]