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Upgrade Complete: the Goal of the Game is to Upgrade the Game

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 9, 2009

It’s true! It may be confusing as a concept, but once you start playing the Flash-based Upgrade Complete you’ll see how straightforward it is. Meta-video games like this are more often than not bursting with humor, and Upgrade Complete is no exception. At the start of the game you’re immediately faced with a Catch-22: you have to buy the game’s preloader, but you have to play the game to earn money. So the game lends you money, then you buy the preloader. Then you buy the menu. Then the game’s graphics. I’m not kidding!


Then the grinding starts. You play a generic space shooter – I don’t know why – to earn the money to upgrade the game. But of course you can also upgrade your spaceship. The funny thing about the space shooter is that you cannot fail. At least not in the first few upgrades.


As you can see my upgraded ship – which is so loaded with upgrades that one of its parts isn’t even on the ship anymore – is much more awesome when viewed in upgraded graphics. My (un)journalistic duties once again prevented me from spending too much time with the game, but you have the power to finish it! Just go to Kongregate or Armor Games and play for free. Tell me what happens at the end okay?

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