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Mega Man Boss Battle Rubik’s Cube: Still Easier to Finish Than the Video Game

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 10, 2009

I’ve never been able to solve a Rubik’s cube; the most I can do is “solve” one of the faces. I’m also not good at platformers, nor do I enjoy playing them (but I am really interested in playing Ratchet & Clank). I don’t recall finishing any Mario platformer, but I love Superstar Saga. Which is why I am doubly intimidated by this Mega Man Rubik’s cube, which eschews the conventional color scheme of the cube with scenes from all six boss fights of the NES classic.


If you must know, I was only able to beat Cut Man. Or did I? I think I did. Or did I watch my brother beat Cut Man? Hmm. It shall remain one life’s great mysteries.

[via OhGizmo!]