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Brando’S Latest Gadgets Are Real Head-Scratchers

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  September 16, 2009

This is like the code that you need to enter in Cid’s rocket in Final Fantasy VII: the only way that you’ll be able to guess the function of these gadgets correctly in one try┬áis if you already know what they are. Ready? Okay what the hell is this?


No, it’s not an unfinished egg beater. No, it’s not a super spaghetti-scooping fork. Give up? Okay then what the hell is this?


Obviously the two are related, but super spaghetti-scooping fork is still a wrong answer (I should patent that idea though). No, it’s not a dwarf’s rake. Give up? Of course you do. They’re “funny tools to ease your tire.” Yeah, that helps no one. They’re head massagers. If that still doesn’t make sense then I’m sorry but that’s all I got.


The girls in the picture seem pretty happy though. Wanna give it a shot? Both the “circular wire” and the “double layers wire” massagers sell for $10 (USD) each at Brando’s online shop. The code is o s x x, btw.