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Kunai USB Drive: Because Ninjas Need to Save Data Too

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 20, 2009

Ninjas have a lot of sweet moves. There’s the throw-a-smoke-bomb-and-disappear-move, the run-so-fast-to-evade-bullets-move, and the flaming-giant-skeleton-beast-thing-summoning-that’s-not-even-a-ninja-move-anymore-move. But none of their 108 million moves can help them save their data. That’s why everyday at sunset, after practicing their killyouwithapinchinthearmpitjitsus, ninjas power up their PCs and order a bunch of Kunai USB drives.


The device can hold 2 GB of data. It’s pointy too. However, if you’re a real ninja you know that this is not a real Kunai and so it must not ┬ábe treated as a weapon. Your fist however, is a different story altogether. Your fist, especially if it is of the North Star, can punch holes through men. For real.


You can buy a Kunai USB drive at GeekStuff4U for $125 (USD). It seems that real ninjas have lots of cash money as well.

[via SlipperyBrick]