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Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset: for Eco-Friendly Douchebags

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 22, 2009

Nah I’m sure most headset wearing folks aren’t jerks. It’s just that we’ve yet to meet them. Kidding. The solar powered Bluetooth headset is one of the new merch over at Brando, aka the technabob of gadget vendors. It’s not a Brando-ish gadget in the sense that we can actually understand the idea behind it, but the write-up on its product page still does its best to confuse us, proclaiming, “An Eco & Evolution Bluetooth Solar Power Charging Headset – The Power is Never End!!”


To ensure that the Power is really Never End, the headset comes with a USB charging cable so you can also recharge it via your computer. The headset is also equipped with noise reduction technology, and it can be paired to 2 devices at a time. Wear one on each ear and you can talk to 4 people at a time! Yeah I don’t think it works that way.


The guy in the pic is obviously not a douchebag; he didn’t pop his collar. As long as you don’t do that or any of these things, you can buy a solar powered Bluetooth headset at Brando’s online shop for $67 (USD).

[via ubergizmo]