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Little Horn Speakers: Nothing Little About Them at All

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 28, 2009

Little Horn speakers pack an audiophile’s wet dream into an elegant form. According to makers Specimen Products, the speakers’ supersized phonograph-like horns “posses a life-like soundstage unlike anything ever heard.” I don’t know what a soundstage is, but it seems that the way the horns are shaped enables lower frequency sound to spread out in a bitchin’ manner. Or something like that.


Each speaker is a whopping 36″ tall. So why are they called Little Horn? Because there’s an XL Horn, 8-feet tall beasts that have earned multi-talented musician Andrew Bird’s approval. Little Speaker’s horns are made of fiberglass, while the base – which houses the driver – is made using “heavy, void-free Baltic birch plywood.” Damn all these classy words and their vague meanings. Little Horn speakers are equipped with Fostex full-range drivers, the FE-103E and the FE-108 Sigma.


The regular price of Little Horn Speakers is $1,850 (USD), but you can get them for $1,500 at Specimen Products’ website (Paypal only; contact the company for other payment methods). The speakers come in various colors, but buyers can also specify their own custom colors. Little Horn speakers are compatible with any stereo system, but if you want to pair them with your DAP, Specimen Products suggests that you also get their tube amplifier, pictured above along with a pair of black-and-gold Little Horns and a classic black, crappy sounding iPod. The amp will set you back another $2,200, so you better start saving now.

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