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Bless Leather Headphone Covers: a Fine Line Between Clever and Stupid

 |  |  |  |  |  September 30, 2009

Audiophiles listen up: pimp up and pamper your headphones with these leather covers from Berlin-based design agency BLESS. The covers come in black or anthracite – that’s gray for us common folk.


As you can see each headphone sock cover has an extra compartment, perfect for placing spare coins, or even an extra pair of earphones. Hell an iPod shuffle would fit in there. Stylish and functional. Sold yet? That’ll be € 475.00 please.


Yes, that’s no typo: almost $700 (USD) for a pair of leather coin purse/earmuff thingies. High quality leather coin purse/earmuff thingies, but still. Actually if you look at the product page, you’ll see… nothing. No relevant information aside from the designers’ names. Which means that there’s a good chance that the Sony headphones are included with the purchase, as absurd as that sounds. Or not. I’m not familiar with the value system of rich people. Is $700 to them like $100 is to me?


Lest you accuse me of ignoring the needs of a minority, moneyed peoples should tell their servants to hit up colette and snag the leather covers. Again it’s €475.00 ($693), VAT included. Thank goodness.

[via InventorSpot]