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Star Trek Online: Beam Me Up Already

 |  |  |  |  |  October 2, 2009

If you’re not one of the devotees attached to the official community–yes, one already exists–for the as-yet-undated MMORPG Star Trek Online, you might not have seen much about the forthcoming game, and that means you can boldly go into this screenshot without any expectations.

star trek online mmorpg

And bam! It delivers… and by delivers, I mean beams your crew down into adventure galore. In Star Trek Online, every player will have their own ship and will be able to explore and fight in space and – as you can see – planetside via missions and other aspects of the game. You’ll even have NPC redshirts to sacrifice. What would a Star Trek universe be without some folks who are just slated to die?

Unfortunately, the only parameters we have on release are that it’s due sometime before 2012, which means it won’t be available soon enough.

[via Gamekyo]