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Super Mario Cake Goes the Extra Pipelength

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 2, 2009

As cakes go, this one is pretty good-looking, yeah? With the molded goombas and mushrooms, it’s hard to argue against this level of detail. The crenellations around the top of that tower aren’t perfect, but I think that adds to their charm. Yep, definitely a nice cake. But wait! That’s not all!


Oh snap! It brought friends! Other tiers – connected, naturally, with pipes – and little molded turtle shells, and even Wario, Toad, and Luigi!


This particular cake is so detailed and elaborate that other cakes may be embarrassed to show their faces today. In the end, however, I think this cake loses out – barely – to efforts like this, with its handmade figures of Toad, Yoshi, and others. It’s a close race, though.

[via Sprite Stitch]