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Briiiiicks in LEGO 4 Dead

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Written by Alisha K. | October 5, 2009

Four brave survivors must stand against the tide of an undead minifig army. Armed with few weapons, two unfortunately bald heads, and a bag full of snappy one-liners, they will repel the brick zombies.

lego left 4 dead

Alright, take a moment to admire the beauty and detail. From a distance, this Lego rendition looks pretty good, eh? You’ve got rubble, proper outfits, shadows… the works.

But take a look at it up close.


Francis has tattoos! Louis is down! All we need is Bill’s very sticky cigarette and this is about perfect. And a van. And Francis complaining about the van. And maybe a Boomer.


Okay, can I request that the entire game be recreated in Lego?

[via Wonderland]