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Boy You Lookin’ Hot: Mini Lighter Cufflinks

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Written by Lambert Varias | October 6, 2009

You’ve been stealing glances at each other the whole night. All you see is that hot little number with the shiny red dress, everything else is black and white. She finishes her drink, and sashays off to the terrace, the light bouncing off her hips as they sway. You adjust your tie and follow her. You reach her side just as she’s putting a cigarette in her mouth. You twirl your right hand and snap with the left. A modest but firm flame appears on your wrist. Your eyes meet and reflect the flame as she lights up. She inhales for half a second, blows smoke for 3 more, puts her lips next to your ear and whispers, “Douche.”


I mean come on! Who else aside from MacGyver can pull off a get-up involving mini lighter cufflinks? Even James Bond in the 70s would’ve had laser beam cufflinks. Richard Dean Anderson, the cufflinks are sold by YougNeek at Etsy for $40 (USD). They’re currently sold out, so you might want to use your charms to wrangle a pair off of YougNeek. Or better yet, take a good look at the cufflinks and then go make your own.

[via Cool Material]