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10/Gui User Interface Concept Ponders How Future Slackers Will Kill Time on the Computer

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Written by Lambert Varias | October 16, 2009

Those of us who spend more time in front of our computers instead of other humans know that the current keyboard and mouse method of interaction with our magic boxes are far from perfect. I for one, want a half-sphere, multitouch surface that lets me move stuff onscreen with my right hand (my mouse hand) resting on it. I’ll also settle for a mindjack, you know, get rid of the peripherals altogether and interact with a computer using nerve signals. Whatever, as long as it saves me from mouse arm aches. R. Clayton Miller wants us to start thinking of new hardware and software that will trump our current ways of interacting with computers with his concept video, 10/GUI.


As you can see from the picture above, Miller’s take on the next generation interface is a keyboard-sized multitouch pad, partnered with software that makes use of 10 fingers at once. But that’s not even half of Miller’s practical ideas. He also imagines an operating system that, instead of letting users clutter their screens with windows, imposes order by constraining the position, size, and movement of windows. Think it won’t work? You’d better watch Miller’s video for the rest of his 10 cents:

You know what, screw you tengooey, man the narrator’s voice is hypnotic. Comforting. Soothing. He could be saying fruit gallop poncho for all I care. I think I’ll play this video until I fall asleep. Check out the 10/GUI website for more info.

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