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Circuit Board Cufflinks for Formal Geeks

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 17, 2009

Next time you need to go to a semiconductor semi-formal (see what I did there?), you might want to grab a pair of these clever geeky cufflinks made from old circuit boards. But unlike those shiny new 2010 Olympic medals, you can actually tell that these were upcycled from old circuitry.


Created by jewelry artist Amanda of the eponymous Beadwork by Amanda, these circuit board cufflinks are the perfect gift for the nerd who has everything. Assuming they have a tuxedo or dress shirt in their closet of course. And one of these doesn’t count.


Each set features a one-of-a-kind pattern, but you can specify different circuit board colors including green, dark green, red or blue, as well as whether you want round or square ‘links. Each circuit is set into either brass bezel cups and then covered with a durable resin to protect them from wear.


Amanda makes a variety of unique circuit board jewelry, including pendants, keychains and money clips over on her Etsy shop. The circuit board Cufflinks sell for $25 (USD) a pair – just a little more than that tuxedo t-shirt set you back.

[Thanks for the tip, Jay!]