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Killer Geek Cupcakes the Easy Way

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 18, 2009

Note that the title doesn’t indicate that this is the easiest way to obtain awesome custom cupcakes; that, of course, means dragging yourself down to the nearest shop and placing an order. But the second-easiest way to achieve, say, Pac-Man perfection, is to make your own cupcakes of any sort, and just slap these purchasable covers on ’em.

pac-man cupcake

SugarRobot’s Esty store has all sorts of cupcake covers, from fancy little butterflies (edible!) to robots (awesome!) to the Pac-Man covers shown above. For ten bucks, you can cover a dozen cupcakes… but will you claim the work as your own? Tsk, tsk.

Using the covers sounds ridiculously easy: make your cupcakes, cover ’em with a tiny bit of frosting (think of it as delicious glue), and then apply the covers. It’s a recipe for instant cupcake success, and maybe if we make a big enough deal out of these, SugarRobot will roll out (and cut out) even more fondant designs.