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Black Belt Watch: Designed by Black Belts, Only for Black Belts.

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 19, 2009

No seriously: “Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Black Belt Watch is solely reserved for black belt holders, regardless of the martial art style. Each practitioner has to provide an official rank certificate”, otherwise the watch will kill its unworthy owner at the stroke of midnight using deadly watchjutsu. I’m kidding.


The Black Belt watch is water-resistant for up to 100 meters and has a satin-finished, PVD-treated steel case. The sandblasted steel bezel features the Kanji characters for each hour. A black belt adorns the watch’s face, while the minute and hour hands were made to look like Shinai (the wooden bamboo practice swords used in Kendo). The timepiece embodies traditional martial arts values, like Yu (Courage), Meiyo (Honor), and Ramen (Noodles). I’m kidding! Please don’t punch me.

The people behind this ubermacho yet sexy watch are martial artists-turned-watchmakers Claudio Alessi – a “multi style Sensei who is a Mixed Martial Arts instructor” – and  tournament-proven karate practitioner Yvan Arpa. What a combo. In making the Black Belt watch, the two martial artists are still fighting the good fight: a percentage of sales from the watch will be donated to the Little Dreams Foundation, which helps youth excel in arts and sports.

The watch can be yours for 500 kicks to the solar plexus dollars. No, of course not; unfortunately not even the official website has the lowdown on the price or the release date of the Black Belt. But you can already pre-order it, just make sure you have a black belt!

[via The Time TV via The Awesomer]