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Capture the Sister in Brutal Bioshock 2 Multiplayer

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 29, 2009

Frenetic flaming fights get a lot more complicated when you’re carting one of Rapture’s creepy unchildren around, as the newly released BioShock 2 multiplayer trailer proves… but they still look a lot like regular ol’ Capture the Flag. It’s just that the flag, in this case, happens to look a lot like a little girl.

bioshock 2 little sister multiplayer capture the sister

It’s a little hard to figure out just what’s going on here. Oh, the gameplay seems simple enough: one team has to capture the Little Sister, and the other team defends. What’s strange is that the capturing team’s goal is to return the Little Sister to her vent… and the defending team (which includes a Big Daddy) tries to stop you. Shouldn’t lil’ girl want to go back to her vent? The gameplay begs the question of the different dynamics in BioShock 2, and whether or not this setup is just a way to keep the multiplayer mode from being too over-the-top. The game is already a little uncomfortably kidnap-tastic… maybe they wanted to keep the added creepiness of harvesting the Little Sisters out of it.

Though, to be honest, all philosophical concerns fly right out of my head while watching this trailer. The Little Sister’s reactions – all of them – are enough to make the skin crawl.

[via SCRAWL]