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Ropid Jumps and Runs and Steals Your Heart

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 29, 2009

Tomotaka Takahashi, creator of the high endurance EVOLTA robot, recently showed off his new robot, ROPID. The name is supposedly a combination of rapid and robot, so it was either ROPID or RABOT. The cute robot is about 15 inches tall and can jump about 3 inches high. It’s twisting torso also makes it an excellent runner. But the awwwww factor is it’s mouth, which opens, and its big saucer-like eyes.


ROPID can also be taught to respond to voice commands, and even has a “noise-canceling chip” installed to make it easier for him to hear instructions. However, as the video below shows, the noise-canceling chip either doesn’t work or is no match for a hundred clicking cameras.

Here’s another video of ROPID showing off his moves:

Takahashi-san built the robot with his own hands, and he says he plans to make a short film that stars ROPID. I heard it will be called Toy Story 4. Kidding.

[via Plastic Pals via Engadget]