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Coke Can Spy Cams: I’D Like to Teach the World to Snoop

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 30, 2009

As digital video cameras keep getting smaller and smaller, you never know where one might be hiding. Next time you walk into a room and there’s a Coke can sitting on the table, you might want to check that it’s not a spy cam.


These Coke can spy cams each have a tiny little video camera and DVR built inside. And while the Coke Zero can looks just like The Real Thing, I’m not quite as convinced by this can of “Caco-Cola Clossic”:


Each camera conceals a pinhole camera that can capture VGA (640×480) resolution video images in AVI format. Data is stored in the can’s internal 4GB memory, so it’s completely self-contained. Just pop off the hidden panel to reveal a USB connector, and jack the can into your computer’s USB port to pull down any captured video. While plugged in, the can’s internal rechargeable battery will juice up at the same time.

Both the Coke Zero and Caco-Cola Clossic spy cams are available over at ChinaGrabber, and will set you back between $53 and $62 bucks a can. Have a Coke and a smile and say “cheese”!