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World’S Wackiest Racers: the Fastest Furniture Movers I Know

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 3, 2009

Looking for a zippy way to get around town? Sure, you could buy a car, or a bike, or maybe even a Segway, right? Well what about a bed on wheels? At least that way you could take a nap if you get stuck in traffic, right?


Auto-modder Edd China of Cummfy Banana has fabricated these ridiculous motor vehicles, fashioned to look like ordinary furniture. In addition to the speedy bed pictured above, he’s also built an oversize office desk on wheels, complete with multiple swivel chairs.


But his pride and joy is the “Casual Lofa,” which was once listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the “world’s fastest furniture”. The Lofa is a motorized sofa that tops out a speed of 87 MPH. (Edd beat his own record sofa speed in 2007, by getting a sofa to drive 92 MPH – go figure).


If you happen to live in the UK, you can get a chance to take a ride on all of these vehicular monstrosities thanks to a special “day at the races” tour package that lets you experience them all.

The guys over at IWantOneOfThose are now offering the World’s Wackiest Racers package, which includes rides on all three of these oddball pieces of furniture, as well as a funky double-decker car. The 3 hour experience is conducted with a group of up to 6 participants, and will set you back £99 (appx.$163 USD).