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Space Hotel to Open in 2012, Will Let Rich People have an Excellent View of the Apocalypse

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 6, 2009

“The birth of the Homo Spaciens.” That’s how Spanish-based Galactic Suite Ltd. describes its vision of a hotel in space, one that enables guests to literally go around the world in just 80 minutes and see 15 sunrises and sunsets in a day, and of course marvel at a breathtaking view of our planet. Best of all, the optimistic crazy confident folks at Galactic Suite Ltd. claim that the Galactic Suite will be available to the public by 2012. By “the public” I mean “those rich and insane enough to blow $4.4 million (USD) on a 3-night stay in a hotel located in one of the most hostile environments known to man.”


The Galactic Suite will look more or less like these artist renditions. Before customers can get to these glorified pods, they’ll have to undergo an eight-week training course, which will be conducted on a freaking tropical island. Then they’re off to the shuttle for the day and a half trip to the pods. Galactic Suites Ltd. Xavier Claramunt compares the pods to a mountain retreat, because there’s no staff there. But the shuttle will be docked with the pods the whole time, meaning the astronaut-pilots will be staying with the visitors, who by the way will wear velcro suits that stick to the walls of the Suite. Stay in a space hotel and be like Spiderman in one go. Damn you rich people.


Claramunt et al claim that a “billionaire space enthusiast” has invested $3 billion in their project, and that they already have 43 people on the reserved list. I hope these customers donate millions to charity too. I mean I know it’s their money, but come on. Whether the hotel will be operational in 2 years or in 5, space tourism will eventually take off and there will be takers, but these outrageous prices just makes me think how misplaced our priorities can be sometimes. But as I always say, it’s your money, so do what you want with it. If you’re interested, you should check out the company’s website for more info.

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