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Choose Your Allegiance, Give Your Gadgets to the Ghosts [Pac-Man]

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 7, 2009

It all comes down to this, people: either you’re with Pac-Man, or you’re with the ghosts. If you’re dedicated to the clear side of evil, make sure you warn everyone you see by labeling yourself somehow. These ghostly gadget cases ought to do the trick nicely.


Tell me that isn’t the face of evil–mischievous, adorable evil. Coolbeans717 has a massive Etsy shopfront just packed with all sorts of geek-inspired felted gadget cases. If you prefer, say, The Legend of Zelda, or maybe Spam (in a can, not in your e-mail), you can veer away from the path of Pac-Man, though it is inadvisable. There’s not much that compares to the ghost cases.

The pouches aren’t exactly cheap, as these things go–most of ’em are priced at $20–but they look great, and it’s always wonderful to buy handmade.