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Zoombak’S iPhone App: Where’S the Heck is My Stuff?

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 13, 2009

The guys over at Zoombak make these nifty little GPS trackers that you can place on cars, bicycles, suitcases or other items that you want to make sure you don’t lose track of. Now they’ve launched an iPhone app that lets you keep track of the precise locations of all of your stuff, wherever you go.


Stash a Zoombak in you kids’ backpacks and you can tell exactly where they are at all times. Or stick on in your glovebox and find out where that valet is really going with your car. Just load up the iPhone app, choose your tracked item, human or pet, then click “Find Now”. You can even enable a continuous tracking mode, which will watch the movements of your Zoombaks at five-minute intervals.

While Zoombak modules retail for $99 to $149 (USD) each, but I managed to find many modules for as little as $38 over at Amazon, which is a steal. You can grab the iPhone app here.

(Note: If you already have a Zoombak, you will need to update your devices to the latest software to use this app. Be sure to read the notes up on the iTunes store.)