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Electronic Dress Lights Up When Hit by Wind: Will It Shock You When It Rains?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 22, 2009

Created by Dutch designer Stijn Ossevoort, Flare is a dress embroidered with wind-sensitive lights, arranged to form dandelions. Just imagine – it’s your wedding day, and it’s at the beach, just like you’ve always imagined it. You’re walking along the shore, the wind caressing your dress, not only making it ripple but also causing lights to twinkle. And as the chilly waves reach out and gently surprise your feet, you feel…a tingle. Then a buzz. Then a full on electrocution. Way to go out in style.


Just kidding. And even if the electronics on Flare are affected by water, I think the worst that could happen would be the lights shorting out. I hope.


I like how the electronics enhance but don’t overwhelm the dress. Ossevoort’s work shows that geeky fashion goes way beyond Star Wars t-shirts and video game-themed sneakers. Not that there’s anything bad about those.

[via Bornrich]