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Softer, Gentler Resident Evil Grenades

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 22, 2009

These plush, handmade Resident Evil grenades will sadly not explode on impact… but that does mean they can be thrown over and over, to the great detriment and humiliation of your victim. Or you can just throw ’em at the television, which is what creator Id decided to do.

resident evil biohazard plush grenade

Ah, lovely, colorful, and not-quite-deadly. Two out of three ain’t bad, as they say. Id’s softer, gentler grenades are at least life-size, so you know they’re satisfying in the hand, even if they are significantly more squeezable than a real grenade. Also? Less useful against zombies, or not-zombies, as the case may be (those last Resident Evil games have been veering away from the normal undead menace, after all… if you can call any violent, face-pounding menace of any sort normal).

But they look great in Photoshop, and really, that should be enough for anyone.


[via Geek Crafts]