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Autocomplete Me Searches for Humor in Google

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 26, 2009

Google’s auto-complete feature guesses what you’re looking for based on the most popular searches, giving you an idea of what other people are searching for as well as what’s on the Internet. I guess it was only a matter of time before someone found himself or herself staring at the suggestions and said, damn, I can’t believe these suggestions; I should make a blog about them. Boom!


41,400 results for semen-based recipes. semen-based. recipes. And there’s actually a cookbook about it! I’m just not sure if all of the pictures at autocomplete me are legit, because I tried searching for the some of them and I didn’t see the absurd suggestions. I tried typing this:


Roflcopter right? But that didn’t pop up in my search:


Of course “how to raise a dragon” is absurd in itself, but still. But maybe the suggestions differ per country, in which case the Canadian government should look into this. Their gifted children are at stake. Check out Autocomplete Me and see if you get the same results.

[via Neatorama]