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Robot Hand Accurately Mimics Human Hands: One Step Closer to Daimos!

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 27, 2009

UK-based Shadow Robot recently showed off their Shadow Dextrous Robot Hand at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo Japan. The hand “provides 24 movements, allowing a direct mapping from a human to a robot.”


This means that the robot can be as precise or as delicate as a human hand: it can insert thread into a needle’s eye, or pick up eggs or strawberries without crushing them.


More importantly, it’s relatively easy to control, because it can be programmed to imitate the hand movements of a user wearing the company’s sensor glove, the CyberGlove.

Can you see it now? If you do a thumbs-up, it does a thumbs-up. If you make a fist, it makes a fist. We’re are now that much closer to building Daimos! Now all we need is the rest of the body, a couple of powerful fans and someone who has a black belt in karate, and we’re ready to kick some Valerian ass. Moyase, moyase, makka ni moyase…

[via DVICE and Shadow Robot]