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Mario Through Time, in Convenient (and Sorta Ironic) Clock Form

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Written by Alisha K. | November 30, 2009

So many Marios, and so little time… or all the time in the world. Really, it’s a kind of point-of-view issue here. Are you a half-full kinda person? Then you’re looking at all the Marios and all the time. Way to be positive. Go you.

handmade mario clock

But before you really start patting yourself on the back, ask yourself this one vastly important question: could you rock the same pair of overalls for two decades? Because at some point, I would have to change, and I’m not talking about depending on the Tanooki Suit. Sometimes you just need some variety.

Luckily, you can get it with this clock, albeit in a form of variety limited to visions of Mario. He’s certainly changed a lot, eh? And yet still charming and rotund as ever. Pick up this clock for $30 at Etsy. Nostalgia? That, my friend, is free.