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LG Reveals World’S First Production HD 3d LCD HDTV Monitor, Mercifully Refrains From Mentioning Price

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 4, 2009

LG recently announced the “commercial launch” (what does that really mean?) of a 23-in LCD monitor that can display 3D images in full HD resolution. Dammit. I don’t even own a plain 2D HDTV and it’s already becoming obsolete. Daaaaamn youuuu progress!


The monitor is meant to be used with a pair of shutter glasses for 3D viewing, but it can also be switched to display good ol’ 2D. LG boasts that the monitor “offers picture quality that is almost twice as crisp as HD 3D displays currently available in the market.” Considering the fact that barely anyone owns an HD 3D-capable display, I’d say that things are really moving too fast right now. Before this monitor hits the market at prices a normal human being can afford I’m sure LG will have already released a 60″ 4D Ultra HD display that’s powered by the viewer’s attention, with built-in popcorn popper and fridge.

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