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Ribbon Hero: a Game About Using Ms Office? Go Clippy, Go!

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 4, 2009

Actually no, it probably won’t be. And if Ribbon Hero does come out Microsoft will most likely distribute the game for free. istartedsomething‘s Long Zheng dug up a trademark application filed by Microsoft last November, which describes Ribbon Hero as a “computer software for training users to use business application software; and computer game software for use in computer user training.”


The game is supposedly about “providing online training in the nature of tutorials and “how to” demonstrations in the field of business application software; educational services, providing training and educational materials in the field of business application software; entertainment in the nature of competitions in the field of business application software user skills; and providing recognition and incentives by the way of awards and contests to demonstrate excellence in the field of business application software user skills.”

It seems that the Office Labs team is handling Ribbon Hero, and even though there’s no formal acknowledgment of Ribbon Hero on Office Labs’ website, the game is mentioned in the group’s prototype privacy statement, which implies that Ribbon Hero will have Facebook connectivity.

Will Ribbon Hero challenge us to save a resignation letter as a Word template on Easy? Or memorize the keystrokes to find the racing game Easter Egg in Excel on Expert? What do you think will be the Dragon Force of Ribbon Hero?