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Bulbdial Clock: Sundial 2.0

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 6, 2009

The evil & mad scientists at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories built upon the idea of a certain David Friedman for a digital sundial. A normal sundial relies on the sun and only displays the hour. The Bulbdial clock is lit up by three layers or rings of LEDs that cause the gnomon (the object in the center of the clock that casts the shadow) to have three shadows. So aside from the hour hand, there’s a minute and a second hand as well.


The Bulbdial comes in one of four available case designs. The cases are laser-cut acrylic, and come in Tortoiseshell, Abalone Pearl, Black Granite, or Granite back/Clear front. Fancy names, but if you ask me I like the clock better when it’s naked:


The Bulbdial is Arduino-based, and both it’s hardware and software are open-source, which means that the clock is hacker-friendly. Makes you wonder why these nerds insist on calling themselves Evil Mad Scientists, what with their harmless products and open source philosophy. You can get the Bulbdial Clock Kit at Evil Mad Science for $65 (USD). Yes, I said “kit”; basic soldering skills are required to assemble the whole thing together. Still doesn’t make you evil mad scientists, Evil Mad Scientists. Visit the Evil Mad Scientists’ website for more information on how to make your own Bulbdial clock.

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