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Recycling Heroes: Circuit Board Guitar Picks

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 6, 2009

One of the best (and easiest) ways to leave your unique stamp on your guitar playing is by keeping a few really sweet picks around. Note, please, that this only applies to actual guitars–not the little plastic variety. But if you also happen to like video games, of the musical variety or otherwise, or other general geekery, these particular customized picks might be right up your proverbial alley.


Circuit boards! Or rather the cut and shaped remainders of old circuit boards. Could there be a better fate for the innards of computers past? For most things, being “put out to pasture” means a life of boredom, but these circuit boards get to embark on the rock star life in their twilight years. If only we could all be so lucky.

TheBlueKraken’s Etsy store has a wide variety of recycled circuit board goods, such as jewelry, but the picks are what drew my eye. The price tag doesn’t hurt, either: at $7 or $8 bucks a pop, I dunno that you’ll be tossing them to your adoring fans, but you might certainly show ’em off to a friend or two.