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The World’S Least Cuddly Ewok [Star Wars]

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 7, 2009

The Ewoks (you remember those guys; think Return of the Jedi, spears, grunting, adorable ears) are supposed to be pretty cuddly. They’re like little angry teddy bears… or they were, until they were re-imagined as something a little more square.

star wars ewok lego cubedude

Larry Lars may have sucked all the cuddle out of this little guy, but there was no skimping on detail. From the minifig hands-as-ears to the spear clutched in his little square Ewok hand, this is a pretty faithful rendition. It’s just less round.

You can check out quite a few CubeDude figures on Larry Lars’ Flickr stream, including a slave Leia figure that managed to retain a few of Leia’s, uh… rounder, more cuddly bits. I’m not sure if “huggable” is really the best description, but she certainly seems softer than the poor ol’ Ewok.


[via Super Punch]