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Moonwalk Lamp: Because Astronauts have Bright Minds

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 8, 2009

I can only think of a handful of other jobs that are as awesome as being an astronaut. Being a technabob blogger is one of them. So is being an ice cream taste tester. What else…no, that’s it. I mean, how can you compete with a job that involves huge rockets and space ships? Going outside of the freakin’ Earth and seeing it from what is surely a life-changing perspective? But for me, the most awesome thing about astronauts is that they’re a symbol of this new world, a world where geeks and technology rule. Which is why I want get one of these Moonwalk Lamps, designed by Thomas de Lussac.


The Moonwalk lamp measures approximately 13 x 7 x 7 in. The spaceman’s body is made of metal that’s been laser-cut, folded and then lacquered, and the whole thing rests on a clear acrylic base. I’m not so keen on its retro filament bulb though, as it might not be energy efficient.


Unfortunately the Moonwalk Lamp is quite expensive: Home Privilege is selling it for € 187 (appx. $277 USD) each. That’s a tough price to swallow for a strip of metal with a bulb on top. I don’t like astronauts that much.

[via holycool]