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It’S a Bird, It’S a Plane… It’S an Xbox 360

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Written by Alisha K. | December 8, 2009

For some, Superman may be dead (or Brandon Routh), but the classic movie man of steel lives on, in hearts, in minds, and on this Xbox 360.

superman xbox mod

While I’m often not a fan of airbrushed cases (I much prefer more elaborate mods, myself), I have to say that the cracks and details in this one look great. I’m not so sure about the glaring visage of Superman himself, though. I think you probably have to be a really good gamer in order to perform under the piercing, clearly judging gaze of Superman. You know he could do it better–he’s Superman, better is sort of a job requirement–so you have to be almost super yourself. Or just turn the Xbox around. Take that, Superman. But wait! He can see through walls. There is no escape!

[via Xbox Freedom]