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Gakken Mini Electric Guitar Kit Rocks

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 9, 2009

The guys at Japan’s Gakken Otona no Kagaku Magazine are at it again, this time, they’ve created a really cool kit that lets you build your own mini electric guitar. Now, I’m not talking about the type the comes with Rock Band or Guitar Hero either. This smaller-than-life guitar actually has strings, a fret board, a pickup and electronic circuitry for playing real analog music.


The short-necked 4-string electric guitar kit includes everything you need to build your own electric guitar, along with detailed photographic assembly instructions (in Japanese!) From what I can tell, it sounds like there’s a tiny built-in amp and speaker, but you’ll really want to plug it into a regular guitar amp with a standard 1/4-inch connector if you want to rock out.

The guitar comes with the December 17th issue of the magazine, and if you happen to live in Japan, you can order from the Gakken Shop for ¥3675 (appx. $42 USD). The rest of us can pre-order the kit over at VeryCoolThings for $59.99 (USD)