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Ripple Look is a Good Alternative to Mac Mini

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Written by Range | December 14, 2009

Even though the Mac Mini is slowly becoming less relevant, since the new iMacs are blending HDTVs and computers together in a great way, there is still a place for the HTPC (home theater PC). The main reason is that most homes now have HDTVs and need a way to play their media.


We’ve already told you about the Ripple Look PC before, but now it looks like their latest version is going to be more powerful than ever, and it continues to be one of the smallest PCs we’ve seen.


That’s not all. The new Ripple Look comes with a cool new case, using some LEDs and some great design. As with the other models in the Look family, it comes with VESA mounts enabling you to fix it to the back of your screens or to a wall.

This HTPC is designed to be used for games and high-resolution video. It comes equipped with Intel’s latest dual core processor, a high capacity HD, and the GMAX4500 integrated graphic chipset from Intel. It will support DirectX 10 AP, HD video, and comes with a bunch of different ports.

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