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Kingk N99 Phone has a Round Screen and Random Logos

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 16, 2009

This mobile phone from China features an unusual visual touch – and no, I’m not talking about that Transformers logo on the front. I’m talking about that funky round LCD screen.


The KINGK N99 has a screen that’s unlike most phones I’ve come across in my travels. While it’s definitely not ideal for watching conventional 4:3 or 16:9 video content, it’s enough of a novelty that I thought I’d at least give it a mention. In addition to its offbeat screen, the N99 has a shiny steel body which conceals its keypad beneath a sliding metal door.


Plus – in appropriately Engrish form – it’s got a 1.3 MAGAPIXEL digital camera. Sweet. I wonder how many megapixels there are in a magapixel. And if you’re really lucky you might get this special version I found floating around on the web, complete with misappropriated Nokia logo…


So the one thing to keep in mind if you decide to plunk down your hard earned cash on one of these is that this is a GSM 900/1800MHz phone, which means that it works in most parts of the world other than the Americas. But if you live anywhere where you can use it (and read the Chinese interface), you can order one over at importer SZprice for $158.99 (USD), less in wholesale quantities.