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The Copenhagen Wheel, Making Your Biking Trip Smarter and Easier

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 16, 2009

This week, MIT unveiled the Copenhagen Wheel at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change in Denmark. The wheel works with the power of you – every time you brake while biking, it charges the wheel’s internal battery for use later on your trip. That way, you won’t need to charge your wheel before any trip. The wheel will sense when you’re having trouble peddling up a hill, and turn on the internal motor to give you boost and make it an easier climb. The wheel can also make you go faster when traveling on flat surfaces. It’s not a motor that will move the bike for you, its a wheel to assist your current biking stamina.

the copenhagen wheel

But wait, there’s more! With your iPhone’s Bluetooth you can connect to the wheels sensors with an iPhone app. The App will tell you your speed, direction, and distance traveled and will pull data from the Internet to inform you of traffic conditions, and even the smog levels around you. That’s a big plus if your already an avid biker and like to keep track of your daily trips.

The Copenhagen Wheel is currently expected to be available some time next year with an estimated price range of $500 and $1,000 (USD).

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