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Guerrilla Gardening Just Went Spy Tech

 |  |  |  |  |  December 17, 2009

Guerrilla gardening is a form of activism where a gardener plants seeds or crop in abandoned land they do not own, or even public property (which I’m gonna guess is illegal). Most of these actions are done in the cover of night so they’re not caught in action. Designer Vanessa Harden has invented a few spy gadgets for these gardeners to do their work in the sun. The Precision Bombing Device I is made to look like an standard SLR camera but actually it shoots out sugar glass covered seeds like a BB gun.

Precision Bombing Device I

Check out the demo video below to see The Precision Bombing Device I in action.

I would have never imagined gardening would look so cool when using spy inspired tools. You can check out more tools on Vanessa’s design website. Honestly, I’m about to buy some sugar coated seeds so I can load up my BB gun and plant my new yard from my window.