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Make Your Own Bat Signal

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 19, 2009

Picture this – you’re being held hostage by an evil, bad-makeup-wearin’ supervillian, but you’re 25 miles away from Gotham City. Normally, you’d be screwed, right? But just then, you reach into your backpack and whip out your own portable Bat Signal, hailing the Dark Knight from across town. He swoops in, beats the living crap out of your captor and frees you to live another day.

That’s pretty much what DIY-er Oceaneer99 was going for when he put together his very own handheld Bat Signal, using everyday components to build it. At the core of the portable Bat Signal is a 45-lumen LED flashlight, a custom-cut acrylic bat logo, and ABS pipe and other plumbing parts.

While Oceaneer99 hasn’t provided a guide to build your own Bat Signal, you can pretty much figure it out from looking at the parts he used. Personally, I’d build mine with something bright enough to be seen a little further away – maybe a 700mW green laser.

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