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Add a Little Fire (Flower) to Your Decor

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Written by Alisha K. | December 20, 2009

While snatching up this pillow isn’t likely to give you the ability to toss fireballs (though how cool would that be?), it just might add a little life–or, uh, heat–to your sofa.

This super-soft-looking pillow is one of a series celebrating a variety of Super Mario Bros-related objects, and if you ask me? It’s certainly the prettiest. Maybe I’m just partial to the nested circles and the bright colors, but surprisingly, fire flowers make great pillows. But the simple designs from Nintendo’s original powerhouse all look great in appliqué form, it seems.

deviantARTist Omonomopoeia seems to work in sets; the pillows shown here only represent about half of the pillow series, and before that, earrings and charms seemed to dominate. Nothing like a little variety to keep your fandom fresh.