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Nils Voelkher’S Light-Drawing Robot: Makin’ Things With Light!

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Written by Range | December 24, 2009

When things like drawing with light gets too complicated for humans, robots need to be used to make things easier. Lightdrawing is a light-drawing robot!

light drawing robot working its magic

When I first saw this, I was wondering what I was looking at. It’s actually a remote controlled robot on wheels. It’s very maneuverable and programmable. It can emit different lights which are used to paint with lights on long exposure photography shots.

light drawing robot using LEDs to paint with light

You’ve probably seen people doing this before with LED lights. This cute little robot takes it to another level, drawing stuff that probably humans couldn’t do. Lightdrawing was created by German designer Nils Voelkher.

light drawing robot standing still

For now, it’s still in the prototype phase, but we’re looking forward the day to when anyone can purchase one. You can check it out in action in the video below.

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