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Automatic Ambient Umbrella Knows if Its Going to Rain Before You Do

 |  |  |  |  December 26, 2009

This awesome piece of umbrella-technology is kind of like a divining rod for rain! It knows when it’s going to rain before you do!

Ambient Umbrella is smart and WiFi enabled

If you’re like me, you rarely check the weather. I’ve been caught off guard a few times, but it just darn sucks when you get totally drenched by a rain shower and there are no umbrellas in sight.

The smart handle

The $129 (USD) Ambient Umbrella is basically a smart umbrella. The handle has a small light which can connect to a wireless receiver. This receiver gets updates on the weather automatically, and it tells the handle what light to show. Depending on its glow, you’ll know the severity of the coming rain storm.

The umbrella receives these updates automatically. There’s no need to set it up or configure it. The LED light on the handle will tell you if it’s going to rain, drizzle, snow, or thunderstorm. Naturally, the design of the umbrella is well suited for strong winds, so it won’t be blown inside out.

[via Designboom]