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Arabesque Glass Speakers Are Fragil-Eh, but Not From Italy

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 27, 2009

These towering speakers from Crystal Cable are really unusual, thanks to their see-through design. And by the way, they’re constructed out of something you don’t usually build speakers out of – plate glass.

arabesque crystal speakers made out of glass

The 55.7″ tall, 227 pound Arabesque speakers are hand-assembled from large sheets 3/4″ facet-cut glass, carefully glued together to form a sound enclosure. The unconventional tear-drop shape of the glass isn’t just there for looks either – it’s actually precision-engineered to help create a wide dispersion pattern in a variety of room setups.

arabesque crystal speakers made out of glass

Each tower has a 140mm ribbon tweeter, and three 180mm paper-cone mid/bass speakers. While they may look delicate, they’re designed to crank out some serious volume, with 115dB peak SPL, and frequency response from 27Hz to a ear-piercing highs of 100kHz at-3dB. Not too shabby for a speaker made out of glass. And according to the guys over at HiFi+, they really do live up to their specs.

arabesque crystal speakers being made

Oh, I neglected to mention the most important part. These glass speakers retail for £45,000 (appx. $71,800 USD) a pair. That’s about what a really well-outfitted Lexus or Infiniti would set you back if you’re keeping track of how you spend your money. Pocket change, no?