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Woof Dachshund Speaker: More of a Tweeter Than a Woofer

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 2, 2010

This little desktop speaker is just like a real dachshund – cute from a distance, but horribly annoying once it opens its little yap and won’t shut up.

The WOOF Dachshund speaker plugs into your computer or MP3 player’s audio port, and lets you listen to your tunes through a pair of tiny, tinny speakers. If that’s not enough for you, the dog starts nodding his head and barking along to the music – a feature that will certainly have you either throwing the thing across the room or packing it back up in its box and re-gifting it to someone you don’t really like. See the musical wiener dog in action here…

So if you like your cute coated with a dose of irritating, you can get the WOOF speaker over at Brando Toys for $25.99 (USD).