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Zomm: Wireless Leash Keeps You From Losing Your Cell Phone (Again)

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 2, 2010

Do you lose your cell phone all the time? This new device called The ZOMM is supposed to help you from misplacing your mobile phone, and lets you make calls even if your phone is hidden in your pocket or purse.

zomm wireless mobile phone leash

The makers of the ZOMM are calling it the “world’s first wireless leash” for mobile phones. From the images on the teaser video on the ZOMM website, the device looks like a keychain Bluetooth dongle that will let you use your phone even if you can’t find it. The puck-shaped device is supposed to work as a wireless speakerphone for incoming calls, and provides a panic button and one-touch emergency dialing if your phone is stuck inside a briefcase or bag when you need to make that 911 call. And in the interest of preventing you from losing your phone entirely, it can automatically trigger an alarm if you walk too far away from your mobile phone.

No word on pricing yet, but word on the street is a retail price around $79 (USD). The ZOMM will officially be revealed at next week’s CES show.