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Deranged Animals Keep Your Hands Warm While You Type

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 3, 2010

Despite the fact that it’s currently zero-degrees Fahrenheit outside my door, my hands don’t feel that cold while I’m typing this. That said, I’m sure some of you guys out there have some cold, numb hands when the air conditioning is blowing in your office. Here’s an effective, if not stylish way to keep your hands toasty and warm while your click away at your keyboard.


Sure, you’ll look like a complete moron wearing these plush animal USB hand warmer mitts, but your hands don’t have eyes, so they shouldn’t care. The “Happy Lamb” above looks like he’s been poked in the eye, or maybe he’s just having a seizure because he’s been decapitated and you have your hand rammed up his neck. Who knows. At least your hands remain warm. And if you’re not into sheep, you can always get your self a pair of peaceful anesthetised monkey hand warmers.


If you really have cold hands, you could always just turn up the heat, but if you really want to look like an idiot at the same time, you’ll need to pick up a pair of these. They’re available over at gadget4all for $21 (USD) a pair.